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Blind Harpy Studios

Art Filled Myth and Adventure

Cyclopes From the Ether is the tale of the mystical Cyclopeans. Season 1 introduces the mysterious, powerful race of deep-space dwellers and the Earthlings desperate to make contact. Human archaeologists find an ancient prophecy and travel the stars in search of Cyclopean life.

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The Highlights App

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The Highlights App helps fans stay connected to their favorite sports, teams, and athletes by leveraging our intuitive mobile interface and advanced AI to aggregate full highlights across all sports and leagues and personalize them to fans' preferences.

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First Albanian Beer

Korça Beer is the first and only 100% Albanian beer! A tradition and success story, inspired by the quality water resources of Morava Mountain. Korça Beer is the only original beer that has stood the test of time without changing the content, preserving the taste, embracing innovations, standardizing controls, quality elements, technology and being exported to distant America.

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Discover how Alpacadabraz NFT's are transforming The Sandbox, the metaverse, competitive gaming and beyond!

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Zwickies NFT

Coming all the way from Zwicky Galaxy, these aliens are ready to invade the Metaverse on Solana

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Handcrafted Furniture

Chilton is a family-owned, Maine company offering a modern take on traditional New England furniture.

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Elevating Aviation English Proficiency

Prepare for ICAO exams with precision and confidence using ICAO4Pilots. Tailored for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots, this app is your passport to mastering aviation vocabulary. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience, ensuring you communicate fluently in the language of the skies.

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J. Joshua

The hood on your hand

Connect with a world of flavors, delivering your favorite dishes directly to your doorstep. Browse through a diverse range of restaurants, place orders effortlessly, and track your delivery in real-time. Elevate your dining experience with the ease and efficiency of our delivery app – because great food should come to you, wherever you are

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Vocal Booth Solutions For Your Home Studio

Do you want to fullfill your dreams and become a better singer, voice over artist or audio book reader? The ISOVOX solution can help you pro sounding studio environment in any room.

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Sezon Decor

Outdoor & Interior Home Decor & Furniture

Sezon Dekor gives you the opportunity to create your favorite combinations and give life to the home that your soul conveys!